Knots Untie

Online release date: May 2018

Director: Alex Hackett

Screenwriter: Alex Hackett

Editor: Leigh-Ann Hiley

Genre: Drama

Starring: Harriet Ling and Robin Price, David Stallard, Scarlet Beau Webb

A lonely widower (Robin Price) looks back on the joyful childhood of his daughter (Harriet Ling),  desperately hoping to rekindle forgotten ties.

Media and Reviews

Behind the scenes

Knots Untie sported our biggest cast and crew to date. Despite being the shortest film under Raven Pictures production it was also the most ambitious. 

To the right you can see some exclusive behind the scenes snaps of our cast and crew working on getting perfect shots for the film. 

We had allot of fun shooting Knots Untie, working with child actors is, while certainly challenging, also the most spontaneous experience a director can have. There were allot of laughs to be had on shoot and you can experience some of them too by watching our gag reel below. 

Gag Reel

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