Jay Bird

Online release date: January2018

Director: Alex Hackett

Screenwriter: Alex Hackett

Genre: Drama

Starring: Braidley Wilson, Dan Sheppard, Amelie Bate and Claire Hale. 

With Music by Joseph purdue

The brightest bird is the hardest to see. 

A reckless teen (Braidley Wilson) reaches an epiphany when he is enlightened by an unexpected acquaintance (Amelie Bate).

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Behind the scenes

Discover exclusive behind the scenes content of our second short film. Laugh at the Gag Reel and revel in the talent of our cast as you watch their audition videos. 

Jay Bird is a super short, black and white film centred around one rebel youth, paying homage to classic 50’s narratives. Jay, is a troubled teenager, good at heart but misguided; constantly at odds with his Father. Since losing his Mother one year ago, Jay’s grades have dropped, along with his interest in sports. In turn his Father has become suffocating and aggressive, he wants to show Jay he is better than the company he keeps but is borderline verbally abusive in his methods.


The purpose of Jay Bird is to explore parent child relationships, and how the loss of someone close can alter someone and their relationships with others. Jay-Bird poses an argument of suffocating parent role and alpha masculinity vs the need for a more loving and understanding intervention.

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