Online release date: October 20th 2017

Director: Alex Hackett

Screenwriter: Alex Hackett & Leigh-Ann Hiley

Genre: Drama

Starring: Catherine Chalk and Matthew Harrison James.

Her no was silent

A man (Matthew Harrison James) learns a valuable lesson while on a first date with a woman (Catherine Chalk). His understanding of consent is vastly altered when she tells him retrospectively that she did not want to do it. 

Media and Reviews

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Behind the scenes

The initial inspiration came from a blog post, during which the author described his experience of enlightenment about women’s experience of sex and how it differs to men’s. We wanted to reflect the ambiguity of this event and sexual consent in general to highlight it as an issue and to get people talking about it. Ultimately, the goal of the article, and our project, is to conclude with the idea that the absence of an unequivocal ‘yes’ could in fact risk being rape.

Through dialogue, we want to depict how openness and a willingness to listen can advocate change in this regard. We want the project to be unafraid to admit there are ambiguities and to start a conversation about it to move on and improve our communication with one another.

Trailer & Gag Reel

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